Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gervais and the Serpent

I posted this on EO some months ago, but I think it derserves another shake.



Sarah K. said...

Hi guyz. Happy stuffing day to yous all! I been lurking on ur blog a bit - hope u don't mind. Sgood readin.
Wasjus perusing some amazing paintings over at this website
...thot this'd be a perfick place to share

Mental Produce said...


Your welcome to post anytime. Its been too long, how are you? Nanshijiao still suiting? Planning on any travels stateside? I'll be done with the U soon...been considering a masters program in Taipei, so perhaps I'll be back around before too long.


Sarah K. said...

OK then, email comin right atcha, Reesies Feces
(You Da Shit)

staceygriff said...

This made my day, my week. This whole piece was hilarious. Thanks for putting it up on your blog.