Friday, July 27, 2007

7 Deadly Sins (Project P.A.S.S.G.A.S.)

So, here's the deal. The "Duke City Shootout" happened this week. Tor was involved in it as key grip for one of the submitted projects. On Wednesday night, I went with he and Maryse to a party put together by the festival for all the talent and help. That night we found out about the 3 minute short competition called the 'Mini Cini', in which film makers had to film and edit a piece addressing the '7 Deadly Sins' (finished project had to be 3 min. or less). So, Tor and I decided to get involved, even though we had only about 36 hours to complete the project (the deadline was this morning at 10:00 am).

We started at 2:30 Thursday morning, when we drove to Taos to pick up a camera. We spent the day shooting between Taos and Santa Fe, arriving back in Albuquerque about 5:00 in the afternoon. That gave us the night to edit the three hours of footage into something resembling a story. We were up until 6:00 am Friday morning trying to finesse the thing into something submittable, and what you see here is the final product.

We'll find out tomorrow how we did, though since everyone else had the whole week, I doubt we'll win. But hey, it was fun.

What was truly amazing was that we failed to find anyone (including a catholic priest, and the mayor of Taos) who could name for us the 7 deadly sins (until our last shot of the day, on the Santa Fe plaza). We spent 30 minutes in the Espanola WalMart filming before getting booted out, and about an hour in the Catholic church in Santa Fe with no success. Anyhow, let me know what you think of the piece. Hopefully its as fun to watch as it was to make.



UPDATE: We didn't win, though since we didn't expect to we're not a bit sad. But, we did get some great laughs out of the judges, and some positive feedback as to how it could be edited into a winning piece. Tor and I are going to try to get a longer version mixed which I'll post on my blog...look out for it.

Monday, July 23, 2007

To be happy...

Just a tidbit... "If you want to be happy for a year - win the lottery.
"If you want to be happy for a lifetime - do what you love!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Happy Birthdays

A Birth Day is a day that you celebrate being born, but have no memory of the event...Only the memories of each years passing and the feeling that comes when those you love remember...and celebrate that day thinking of you. Becca, I apologize that I did not have your Birth Day on my calendar and was reminded by Shari. A renewal of love and life on these your Birth Days...much love from all of us that care.. mom/dad

Friday, July 20, 2007


Today, I ate Dagoba Organic Chocolate with Chiles; loaded 4oo copies of Harry Potter into the van for shipment to the party at the library; got birthday calls from the Mother, the Sister, and the Sister-in-law; dug rice crackers into goat cheese, and logged on to the family blog. Tonight I will pick Alycia up at the airport, and later eat Sushi.

It is a birthday day. Wishes also to Becca who had hers yesterday. And pre-wishes to our little Leo Gabe on the 26th. What do I know today? Alot less than I thought I did when I was 20. But, mostly I know that I like my peeps, I aspire to a poem or two and like my life more or less unplanned.

Love to you all--

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Politics and the Thirteen of Fridays

Ultimateificate: the fictional account of real surgents.

McCain is tanking. Thompson is effervescing.

Bush and Dick are entrenched and bunkering themselves in.
Around the country, Impeachment is on the tips of many tongues.
I keep hearing wait till September. "Wait till September," they say.
General Patraeus will have a "recommendation" then.

Look for Cheney to resign, quit, or be fired or impeached.
McCain will be appointed Vice President, and will then run for President.
Like Kissinger and the Republican Party, there will be a way for Cheney
to still run the show.

The Secretary of Homeland Security has a gut feeling about our nation's security.
Keith Olbermann had a special comment about such. "Are you freaking kidding me!?,"
he queried. Why are we being prepared for another sea change?

I am worried. I am pretty sure I won't win the lottery. I can't be so sure however about my
chances of getting hit by lightning, a meteor, or a hurricane, these days, let alone the first suicide
bomb to make it to our homeland.

We are a card being played with a sleight of hand. Maybe one day the globe will warm and melt away the veil of stupidity and callousness which the bush cabal has placed over the eyes of the people, like so many bath salts, in a tank filled with warm water.

To ultimateificate: to superlatively embroil out to an absurd state. I would give you an example but I can't think of one.)

Be seeing you.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Shredding the GNAR

To live a life of no fear...
These passed few months have given me an amazing opportunity to realize that I am getting through and overcoming some of my deepest and darkest fears. My life right now has never had such flow. People around me and the energy of the river right now is incredible. I feel like I am getting through to people in a way that I didn't even know I had. The history in the layers of the rocks and the mystery that surrounds their passed has given me a rejuvinating for more education. I am really excited to dive into a subject that is ever changing, growing, and unraveling itself to those eager to take it on. I hope that everyone is doing well since we last spoke. A few things, Rod, I found your hat in my truck. I will call mom with the address to send it onwards. And Holli, I put your name in a drawing for a free trip down any river that Oars provides for guessing the right picture on the website. It was a picture of LODORE canyon. If they ask you how you knew, you could say that you had seen pictures of my trips and that it looked familiar. I didn't put mom and dad on there because I want to take them down a 1-2 day trip rather than a 4-6 day, and you were the only address I could remember. LOVE YOU ALL and will keep in touch when I can.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

to how... truth is illusive. integrety vascillates. to how... question motivation without exposing expectation? to expect is to slip into the noose that tightens and eventually dangles ones feet over sorrow. But what of the bargin set? is their no honest attachment to how... arrive jointly at the agreeded upon destination? is adaptation the only to how response? to how... be amoung many ducks as just one duck can? to how... waddle down to the river and jump in letting feathers float in current? to how... breath easy in change?


Universal health care? Sound socialist? Think again.

Michael Moore's Sicko is the most inspiring, disturbing film I have seen in recent memory. I was moved to tears and outrage at the level of propaganda that the mainstream media uses to dissuade Americans against such an obvious necessity.

If your interested in seeing it in the theater, you should. If you don't want to spend the time, you can see it here. Let me know what you think. For me, I was ready to expatriate right after seeing the film.