Friday, July 27, 2007

7 Deadly Sins (Project P.A.S.S.G.A.S.)

So, here's the deal. The "Duke City Shootout" happened this week. Tor was involved in it as key grip for one of the submitted projects. On Wednesday night, I went with he and Maryse to a party put together by the festival for all the talent and help. That night we found out about the 3 minute short competition called the 'Mini Cini', in which film makers had to film and edit a piece addressing the '7 Deadly Sins' (finished project had to be 3 min. or less). So, Tor and I decided to get involved, even though we had only about 36 hours to complete the project (the deadline was this morning at 10:00 am).

We started at 2:30 Thursday morning, when we drove to Taos to pick up a camera. We spent the day shooting between Taos and Santa Fe, arriving back in Albuquerque about 5:00 in the afternoon. That gave us the night to edit the three hours of footage into something resembling a story. We were up until 6:00 am Friday morning trying to finesse the thing into something submittable, and what you see here is the final product.

We'll find out tomorrow how we did, though since everyone else had the whole week, I doubt we'll win. But hey, it was fun.

What was truly amazing was that we failed to find anyone (including a catholic priest, and the mayor of Taos) who could name for us the 7 deadly sins (until our last shot of the day, on the Santa Fe plaza). We spent 30 minutes in the Espanola WalMart filming before getting booted out, and about an hour in the Catholic church in Santa Fe with no success. Anyhow, let me know what you think of the piece. Hopefully its as fun to watch as it was to make.



UPDATE: We didn't win, though since we didn't expect to we're not a bit sad. But, we did get some great laughs out of the judges, and some positive feedback as to how it could be edited into a winning piece. Tor and I are going to try to get a longer version mixed which I'll post on my blog...look out for it.


my-yo said...

that was real. i enjoyed how you got everyone to open up to you. they were all smilie faces and giggles even though they were talking about the 7 deadly sins.

holli zollinger said...

nice job reese! great editing. looks like you guys had fun doing it. good to see some familiar faces and sites.

Mark said...

Nice vid. I find it funny you guys have suddenly found blogging and the net :)