Friday, July 20, 2007


Today, I ate Dagoba Organic Chocolate with Chiles; loaded 4oo copies of Harry Potter into the van for shipment to the party at the library; got birthday calls from the Mother, the Sister, and the Sister-in-law; dug rice crackers into goat cheese, and logged on to the family blog. Tonight I will pick Alycia up at the airport, and later eat Sushi.

It is a birthday day. Wishes also to Becca who had hers yesterday. And pre-wishes to our little Leo Gabe on the 26th. What do I know today? Alot less than I thought I did when I was 20. But, mostly I know that I like my peeps, I aspire to a poem or two and like my life more or less unplanned.

Love to you all--

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my-yo said...

mistaken -- maybe that tingeling in my mind that encouraged me to call was merely a celebration of your life since the date of birth has come around again. good to know you've rice cake in hand. happy birthday shari.