Tuesday, May 20, 2008

why shouldn't i vote for _______?

if i were to predict something,
it would be something obvious.
it would be something you might predict.

senator clinton will suspend her campaign in the near future.
barack obama, the imminent nominee, will be the democratic candidate, for now.
mr. mccain might win the election.

and then there were three.
i would ask myself to give one good reason why i would not vote for any one of the three.
one good reason why not.

why wouldn't you vote for one of three?

i will give you mine.

i wouldn't vote for hillary because of the obvious reasons, as mccain.
i wouldn't vote for barack also because of the obvious reasons.

ha ha

seriously, i wouldn't vote for obama because he summarily denounced some things that the reverend wright said, which he shouldn't have denounced without exploring exactly what it was that the reverend said which offended him, and saying what it was about said things, which couldn't be true. bla bla

i wouldn't vote for hillary for the same reason i wouldn't vote for john. they both cannot share their allegiance both with me and that other thing they are aligned with.

what is the best reason you could give me why i shouldn't vote for your candidate?


Mental Produce said...

but if you don't vote, then you really do vote. Your non-vote would result in a vote for a less viable candidate...I don't know if that makes sense?

Mental Produce said...

If your not voting for Obama solely on his handling of the Wright fiasco, I would say that is your best bet.

As for the other two, who in their right (no pun intended) mind would vote for either of them?

Iraq? Iran? Tax cuts for the wealthy? Florida and Michigan? Metrics? Mark Penn? I could continue, but I don't think I need to.


my-yo said...

fill in the bubbles or don't. whoever wins is still ridding a horse to its death.