Sunday, June 22, 2008

The News: in the form of a poem (6/22/08)

casualties are so casual
as they are so taken.
as they are taken from us,
those souls with casual ties;
as for those souls,
we weep; are not casually.

the captured soldier
re sides to an enemy island;
must be there.
'i have the body'
said he, to the court.'and
i have a right to show the body'

that old swamp
drains today through a cheap white funnel
into the engine chamber.
liquid carbon is uploaded
to a video screen, a teleprompter.
the silky white words drift
upward toward the heaven.

at last the green backs
are at last barack's.
red states seethe in purple malaise
blue states are not so blue
as they once were blue,
when horror filled there days.


1 comment:

Reese Zollinger said...

if only pundits spun news into poems...nicely put.