Thursday, May 7, 2009

Haiku 2.0

Final instruction.
Six years - can you believe that?
Me, graduating.  

(breaking the rules)

Thanks for all of your encouragement over the years, as this hasn't been an entirely enjoyable process. But, here I am.  Your support has meant a lot to me.  


rr said...

and burritos of kudos
w/habanero shots!

TeeZee said...

Remember high school have come a long way since that experience!...Congratulations, we love you and dad see you soon.

Reese Zollinger said...

Oy, don't remind me.
That was twenty years ago.

Reese Zollinger said...

serious kudos
to your "w/habanero shots!"
Tricky, sneaking w/.

Mark said...

Congrats Reese! you should be very proud. I've enjoyed reading your history papers along the way. I must say that at 20 years my time when I did college your essays were way more thoughtful and insightful than mine. :)

Reese Zollinger said...

Thanks Mark, 'preciate that.
Commitment antithesis,
my nemesis, gone.

my-yo said...

your brain its full up
so i raise up my cup
and a wish i you blow
that you'll know which way to go,
and that you will go rather slow
to your future i drink
from the cup i raise up
to bring you good luck.

come to portland....