Saturday, August 25, 2007


Amazing technology to use sonar waves to create a picture. This was taken a few days ago by the nurse midwife. I outlined the image in white to show better definition. You can faintly see the spine, arms and legs. I laughed because the little thing would'nt hold still long enough to get its measurements...but the midwife said I might be further along than I thought. Anyway, what a profound moment to view an alive being within my own. Quite emotional and beautiful. Thought to send the picture along to you all.


my-yo said...

holli, what a fine piece of art your creating right now.

Mental Produce said...

wow, that is amazing. Like myo said, a fine piece of art your creating....the magic of maternity.

How is the art market going, by the way? Hopefully its cooling down finally, giving some relief to your weekend excursions.


Stacey said...

I dreamt last night that I myself was pregnant and people from all over were coming to rub my belly because it was a miracle. It was very odd. I woke up not knowing what it all meant. Were people rubbing my belly much like rubbing Buddha's belly, or because it was such a miracle? Whatever it meant I woke up feeling such a loss because I really wasn't pregnant and missing that feeling that I experienced so long ago of having life within my own. I envy you yet am so happy for you.