Sunday, September 2, 2007

Allow Me To Introduce You To (Meet) The Press

Allow me to introduce you to (meet) the Press:

The media moguls, those who pontificate for the major information distribution centers in the United States, play a dangerous game. Robert Novak, the Scaremonger of early 2003 says he is worried about Hillary Clinton. Other Republicans are scrambling around looking for Hillary Clinton's double in their party. Mary Matalain, Cheney's aide, looks over her eyebrows and defends Fred Thomspon while failing to sound sympathetic to even one of the 1800 humans in Iraq defeated, killed in August by her master, the dishonorable Vice President's dangerous policies.
General Petraeus' "September report" will be filtered by the White House as it is disseminated to the citizens of the US of A. He has already said that stability in Iraq requires ten more years of American occupation. How much money will that cost?
I think that I am beginning to see a trend. Perhaps I am the last to recognize that we are stuck in Iraq; the last to recognize the consequential quality in the human condition. But, when you plug the tragedy in Iraq into the equation which sums up my personal philosophy, the result presents itself as a quandary: act such that you can deem the maxim of your action a universal law: we can never give back to Iraq what we have taken from it.
We used the blunt instrument of war, to undermine millions of people's lives to protect our oil, and remove one dictator. How can we turn the tide of 200 years of American aggression: firstly to the Native Americans and lastly to the Iraqi innocents. We owe every innocent Iraqi, more than ten years of American Military occupation. We owe them a hundred years of humanitarian aid.
Larry Craig, poor guy; he was caught with his pants down. (One cannot speak of his strife, without punning.)
Alberto Gonzales is gone, he resigned last Monday, less than a week ago. His name didn't come up once in my requisition of this mornings news.

....It is a dangerous game they are playing us in;

September 2, 2007


Mental Produce said...

indeed, indeed. obfuscation and other such stuff obscure the real news, that America is and has been a demonstrably savage civilization. hard to believe a christian society has become so unchristian.


my-yo said...

If i were Iraq, if my body were the Iraqi’s homeland... i would want America’s dirty infectious hands out of my belly, i would want this operation over, even if it meant that on my own i would die. At least i wouldn't die with the stink of American filth inside me. With the pretext that war is aide when this war ripped out the infrastructure of my internals. Get out of my body! Send true aide America if you can separate aide from force. Otherwise leave me entirely alone and show honestly to the world what happens when America interferes.