Tuesday, September 11, 2007

the bin laden video, and what we might know about the power players because of it

it is obvious to me at this point. the united states has already captured osama bin laden. they have probably always had him. but even if not:

having taken my clues from the facts on the ground, i drew a direct route to this conclusion: bin laden is doing karl rove's bidding.

it would require a tremendous amount of disbelief for the average person to conclude Mr. Rove, politico extraordinaire, would not use bin laden's capture to win in the 2006 election.

re enactment of rove's thought process in 2006: "so we'll hit them with a bin laden video on the sunday before the election of 2006, then we'll hit them with a bin laden video on september 11, 2007 when general petraeus gives his report to the Congress: three huge news items occur on the same day as 9/11. then before the election of 2008 we will announce that we finally caught bin laden. bush with that "history's teacher" he'll keep talking about will be vindicated."

i remember somewhere in the folklore of mormon theology a professed time of secret combinations, and conspiracies against men. what is it when a conspiracy theorist theorizes an actual conspiracy?

why is petraeus giving his report on iraq to the senate on 9/11/07?

there are a few required things for my conspiracy theory to be true:

-karl rove has patience.
-bin laden knows he is caught.

two things remain undecided:

-has karl rove been really working for dick cheney all along?
-if so, does bush know or not know.

tell me why i am wrong.


kdog said...

there is no bin laden to catch,and there is no such thing as al qaeda.just words to impregnate our brains with fear. how are we to believe any form of fact coming from the government controlled media. government does in fact, mean " to control".we all just overlooked that the report of hussein being killed in bagdad in 2003.(cnn report)three years later a video comes out of saddam's' execution.(2006 cnn report). as good as hollywood is in deception,i give hussein's execution video a below b movie status.sooooo fake! there is no one to trust. just look at what is hanging on the wall in congress,to know who the power players are.they reveal themselves as symbols,ancient secret society and occult symbols. i hope you see it or already have.

to life!

Mental Produce said...


Nice post, keep them coming. I expect that soon I'll set aside some time to posting here, but in the interim, I'm too busy trying to be busy.