Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dalai Llama and Mandalas

A connection was just made between me and the Tibetan Holy Man. A woman whom I met in Park City, visiting from somewhere in the south, bought some of my originals and a few cards from me this summer. We have since maintained a connection by phone. She just informed me that while visiting a workshop in Florida where the Dalai Llama was speaking...she placed the tulip mandala card in his hands.
In one instant, the sphere in which I live and create has grown large enough to encounter his circle of life and beauty.
It is a both big and small...for art touches multitudes of people we dont know...who treasure it no less.
But it is a sign, bright and bold, that marks a post along this path...that says it is enough to keep going.



Mental Produce said...

That is amazing, truly. 2 degree's of seperation, because of your talent, your art. Congradulations.


Shari Zollinger said...

Beautiful Holli. I love the image of his brown Tibetan hands, lightly clutching the mandala that you labored over, like a child. I am glad.