Sunday, October 28, 2007

The History of Oil - Robert Newman

It is sad, nay tragic, when truth is spoken best by comedians. In this 45 minute stand-up routine, Newman explores the complex and often overlooked history of our perverse love affair with oil. But, rather than boring his patrons with academic drivel, he speaks the truth through humor and irony. An astounding performance. If you have an hour to spare, give it a watch. (caution: the truth can be a bit racy)

Enjoy, and don't forget the popcorn.



Shari Zollinger said...

hey Reese. I don't think the film loaded. It didn't come up with your words.

Mental Produce said...

It is working for me on both Safari and Firefox...hmmm, let me know if it persists and I'll embed the video again.