Tuesday, January 29, 2008

lookin at ya from the bungalow

how do you write a whistle?


Mental Produce said...

a wee bit jealous, am i. two mouthfuls of seawater and tequila starved.

rr said...

you write a whistle
with a thistle,
as you would a stencil
with a pencil.

staceygriff said...

I like the shades. We would like to see Mitchell in person sometime up here in the pacific northwest.... :)

Mental Produce said...

the whistle is in the pestle with the brew that is true.

staceygriff said...

I don't know how to write a whistle, but I do know how to write(right) a wrong and with a whistle you can make a song. I don't think that made any sense?

Mark said...

For a moment I thought this was the president of France and his new super model wife.