Friday, February 1, 2008

The Most Insulated Wins

John McCain wants to lose.
He has no intention of winning.
His only intention is to ensure a Democratic President;
as was John Kerry's intention in 2004, for Rebublicans.

We are being played.
You wanted to know what I thought.
I said the Republican nominee would be John McCain.
I knew this because I could see that he was Insulated,
as Bush was insulated by Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz.

Hillary Clinton is also Insulated.

Is Barack Obama Insulated?

Why was not the twenty year curse on American Presidents enabled on the Presidency of GWB?

Whose interests are so wrapped up in Hillary Clinton's Presidency that they will see to it that she lives to see those interests manifested?

I worry about Barack Obama.
Who out there will risk everything up to their own life to maintain Barack Obama?
Who's interests require: President Barack Obama?
Are the American People's Interests worth anything in this matter?
How naiive are you?

It will be Hillary v. McCain.


McCain will win the Presidency.
Will his V.P. be Insulated?

Be Seeing You.

P.S. Willard Mittt Romney Is Insulated.


rr said...

What happens is Condoleeza Rice is asked a direct, quite penetrating, question by a Senator or a Congress Woman or Congress Man. She first says, "First of all" to blindside you. Next she sets up a false dichotomy.
Finally, she answers, in the affirmative to her "set up" question, hoping you have forgotten
the original question,
leaving you bamboozled.

how do you write a whistle?
how do you white a wristle?

(see epistle to the romans 16:23)

Mental Produce said...

The Kennedys seem to be willing to take that Obama risk. And the Grateful Dead (whats left of them) are supporting him. But, fait accompli, 23-23, BC-BC, that dynasty of special interests, is the story that is being written.

McCain is either General Buck Turgidson from Dr. Strangelove or the Manchurian Candidate, either of which produce a disturbing outcome.

And Coulter? The repubs appear to be suffering from colony collapse disorder.


my-yo said...

looks to me as if Clinton and Obama both were selected by the all mighty they. that is the same proponent of insulation for both nominees. one they using two candidates to create the appearance of choice. maybe the one they has a wrap it on up man with McCain.(smart to use woman / person of color angel to increase the illusion of true representation)

staceygriff said...

tonight mark and i were talking about obama. sofi who normally does not pay attention to what mark and i are talking about, nor really knows what's going on politically(because she is 8). turned to mark and i and said "if obama wins he will be the first african american president, isn't that cool." i like that she is aware of that factor at her age. how many of you at 8 even knew what was going on politically?