Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the president speaks to the nation 9/24/08

hillary has to be deferential to obama.
the clintons have to walk the high road.
all the other roads have been destroyed
by the lies and deceptions of the bush
and the richard cheney;
there is only one road they did not destroy,
one road to a future of any consequence;
the high road.

with our ignorance,
don't deserve the right
to walk down a road a certain one would take us down.
we can borrow against our good credit on the moral market -
and allow ourselves, like the great heroes of old,
and the fly wheel to gain momentum on our foes -
who is our foe?

the market yells an artistic scream when it loses from itself the monies of its providential experiments. there is only one real question here.

the president and his secretary want seven hundred billion dollars.
granted, the dollar isn't what it used to be,
but they want it for a reason we either will or will not accept.
regardless of this fact, congress, will or will not pass the monies to the interested parties.
the burning bush spoke to me,
and the others on the screens we were watching,
he said, and i would quote but i don't remember his words exactly, so drastically did they hit me when they where so desperately hurled across the country, seemingly directly toward me...?!
the bush with his chain-ee,
asked for his monies
and said we would make it back in profits.
(as though his cry of wolf was a business opportunity he wanted to present to the american people.)


the good gwb looked good with his red tie,
he had that "presidential look", people are always so apt to talk about,
there were his fingernails, so groomed and pintailed to his remarks.
like a good father to a nation, he was king of his video shot.
he had the sincerity of a finished letter,
already written.

final thoughts:

one third of the nation wants to borrow seven hundred billion dollars to rescue corporate businesses who had not the ability or hiring power to save themselves from their present predicament.

one third of the nation does not see it in their interests to borrow seven hundred billion dollars from the chinese and other foreign investors, so that they can turn around and lend those monies to corporate interests who should have know better.

one third of the nation is either undecided or uninformed as to the seven hundred billion dollars the congress is asking the american people to borrow from what ever lender out there will take that bet.

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